Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy . . .

Being the mother of four boys, our house is always noisy and chaotic. Some days I actually wish that I was profoundly deaf.  This is amplified by the fact we live in an apartment - and the news is, our house renovation is unlikely to commence before January 2013, so it looks like we're here for at least another year. 


  1. Hello, found your blog via Fun and Vj's. Nice to see another inner city Brisbane reno project. We have a california bungalow which we are (hopefully) soon renovating too. Love your workers cottage and your concept plans look fantastic and 4 boys EEEEEK in that tiny house, you really need a big extension!. melx

    1. Hi Mel, nice to hear from you. Despite the size of the family, the extension is only around 100m2. This is in part due to our budget, house being on a small lot and the fact that we don't really want a HUGE house - someone's gotta clean it! I'm a serial house stalker, so I'll be sure to follow the progress of your reno too. Best of luck! C

  2. 100 square metres is not to be sneezed at, especially if you plan carefully how you use the space. We are only adding about 12 square metres plus replacing a 32 square metre deck but hope that this addition and rejigging the space we have will make our house so much more functional. melx