Friday, 27 September 2013

Reno - Week 16

This week both the plumbing and electrical rough-in was completed. And I finally locked-in the lighting selection - something I had been putting off but needed to do, particularly as there is a 10 week lead-time for the pendants that I chose for the entry hall and sitting room.

Morning light in the boys bedroom
In spite of having very detailed construction drawings it's surprising how many minor changes have already been made. Things become so much more apparent when you are actually standing in the rooms as opposed to visualising the finished result based on a set of plans. But despite all our efforts in trying to get things 'just right' I'm sure at the end of the day there will be the odd item that I wish was different.

BEFORE - bathroom

I'm really looking forward to next week as the bricklayers are scheduled to return. Based on their previous performance, they should have the outdoor fireplace and all the other brickwork elements knocked up in no time at all. The bricks were supposed to be delivered this week, but when the truck arrived we discovered that there wasn't enough room to unload them - there were a lot more pallets than anticipated. Oh the joys of building on a small lot. In fact delivery of materials has had to be very carefully co-ordinated due to the lack of space. So now the bricks will be delivered in two separate loads and will have to be carted by hand to the back of the house - what a job!

We are now only a matter of weeks away from reaching lock-up stage. Windows and doors are due to arrive on-site very soon, so once they are fitted the guys can complete the external cladding. And speaking of cladding, I am still undecided as to what colour to paint the weatherboards on the extension - black or white. It is likely that this decision will be made by the toss of a coin.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing some external shots once the doors and windows are in plus the external cladding! Bring on lock up! I think I like the idea of black for the extension. :-)

  2. We made a few minor changes at this stage too, really helped to be able to walk through the rooms in a functional way. Good luck with all the brickwork, it is going to look fantastic, well worth all the hand carting- especially as you just get to watch! I too am STILL struggling with the exterior colour, is driving Legoman bonkers, he just wants me to decide but it is a really important thing to get right. mel x

  3. We are painting our exterior next year, and I'm already dreading choosing a colour!! I like the flip a coin-you are either happy, or suddenly decide-NO-I want the other one!!! x

  4. Gorgeous bathroom, why would you want to change a thing?! lol
    Looking forward to seeing the end product :-)

    Cheers, Col

  5. Oh that is REALLY hard. I remember agonizing about our fence. I'd be resorting to taking some photos (including neighbours and general surrounds), printing out as palely as possible and finding the kid's colouring in pencils! I'm sure what ever you decide will look wonderful. Merridy

  6. Go black! The delineation between old and new via colour always looks great. xx

  7. I think black too...a house near us just painted a new extension black and I think it looks great. I think it would look amazing next to the brick and the green of the trees you have planned.

  8. Go black!
    Have a look at the Camp Hill house by Wolf & Sparrow and this