Thursday, 5 September 2013

Reno - Week 13

I can hardly believe we are already into Week 13 of the renovation, which also just happens to signify the halfway mark. Yes, only another 13 weeks to go - well that's the plan anyway.

This week the remaining rafters/trusses were installed and some of the boring (but necessary) jobs like bracing and tie-downs were completed. Scaffolding has been put into position and once the structural engineer gives the all-clear at the framing inspection, it will be all systems go installing the facia and gutters in readiness for the installation of the roof sheeting (and replacement of the existing roof.)

Our house is on a Small Lot and one of the requirements of the Small Lot Code is that walls must be set back at least 1.5m from the side boundaries. You can, however, build on the boundary provided that the wall is:
  • a maximum length of 9m.
  • limited to one side boundary.
  • a maximum average height of 3.5m.
  • has no windows to the side boundary, and
  • limited to non-habitable rooms.
We chose to take advantage of what would normally be considered 'dead space' along the side boundary and locate our laundry and main bathroom in this area instead. The main bathroom is actually a combination of three separate rooms : WC, shower and basin which means each can be used simultaneously - perfect for a large family.

This type of bathroom set-up is a little unconventional, but I think it will work really well. And another advantage of this design is that we have been able to retain more of our valuable outdoor space which would have otherwise been lost if a 'normal' bathroom scheme was designed.

The lowest point is at 1.9m but very quickly shoots up to 2.5m in height

So if you can't locate windows on a built-to-boundary wall, how do you obtain natural light into the rooms? Simple really, you locate them facing towards either side. We will be installing solid casement windows into the bathroom(s) which will provide ample natural light and ventilation while at the same time ensuring privacy.

Example: Solid Casement Window in a Shower Recess
Next week the roof sheeting is due to be installed. All the new timber window and door joinery has also been measured up and ordered, so it won't be long now before we reach lock-up stage.


  1. Halfway! Yay! Can't wait to see it when it's finished. I think you've made great use of the available room. x

  2. What a clever use of space and design! Love it and can't wait to see it finished and fitted out. Congrats in getting to half way, will be great feeling when you get to lock up. mel x

  3. Brilliant use of space! Love it! Maybe it is now time for you to partake of a wine or two yourself?
    Not long now!

  4. Halfway! Wahoo! I really like your bathroom design. Getting those boys ready will be a breeze. :)

  5. I haven't checked in for a while and I can't believe how things have progressed! Can really see where it's going now. Very exciting. Love your separate toilet/ shower/ vanity arrangement. Great use of space. Merridy

  6. The bathroom design works great and I love the idea of a solid casement. Halfway - you must be beyond excited! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  7. Wow...those thirteen weeks have gone so quickly!
    My parent's last house had a bathroom with a similar design in that each functional piece of the bathroom was in its own room and it worked was just my sister and I who used that bathroom but even still it was great...and it meant that we never had an excuse to venture into my parent's bathroom which I am sure they appreciated!

  8. Looking awesome, great progress!!

    Cheers, Col

  9. Good gawd they are a clever bunch of chaps, I love that design. Hope you are enjoying the whole process, looks like its coming along well!

  10. Thank you for making this site very interesting

  11. Brilliant bathroom design! It's great to have a separate toilet but to have the separate basin too- how perfect is that for big families! It's coming along fast now and looks so great! Mel x