Thursday, 29 August 2013

Reno - Week 12

This week saw the remainder of the framing completed and now the old cottage and extension have merged together as one. I'm so, so excited at how this project has unfolded so far.

Here is the threshold between old and new:

During the week I posted a photo on Instagram which I thought I should explain as it's not really obvious unless you are well acquainted with the plans. This is the outlook from what will be the new kitchen/scullery. A high level opening has been designed to draw the eye upwards.

When complete, this opening will frame the trees and distant sky like a picture:

Perhaps this model will depict it more clearly:
I'm really getting a kick out of seeing all these little details come to life.

The roof trusses were delivered just as the framing was done, so they are now promptly being fitted into position. As soon as they're up, the old green roof sheets will be removed and a brand new roof (of the non-leaking variety) will be installed. And hopefully the possum that is currently residing up in the roof cavity will leave to find a new home.


  1. Gosh you can really see the progress.
    A nice new shiny roof will be very welcomed i'm sure. x

  2. Love the high level opening Caroline - it will look grand. How did we suddenly get to week 12 by the way...!?!?

    Cheers, Col

    1. I know!!! Almost halfway through construction now. xx

  3. Very clever design. I can understand why you're excited!

  4. looks so good.
    And I am amazed at how quickly it is taking seems like all that time spent planning is turning into a quick and clever build!

  5. I love windows (especially square ones) that frame the outlook so beautifully. And it must be good to see some real tangible progress, when you can walk through the "rooms" that's when it all starts to feel real. mel x

  6. Awww look at the old girl. It's moving along quickly now, I can't wait either. These worker's cottages are notoriously difficult to expand, esp. for our bigger families.