Saturday, 10 August 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013." via Che and Fidel

Oscar: You've managed to successfully climb out of your cot on two occasions, but thankfully you have stopped this new found skill.
Charlie: Eating an ice cream on our neighbour's wonky timber stairs. She spoils you boys every time.
Harry: You've broken your hospital admission record - twice in one week! The crazy mirror in the doctor's office couldn't even put a smile on your face.
Jack: Posing in front of a hedge of Murraya paniculata, which we will soon be planting along our back fence.


  1. Oh poor Harry, twice in a week? Presume his asthma is bad with all the wind, mine both sound like they are coughing up seals at present. Not sure if I have told you this before but if Liongirl was a boy Harry was my favourite boys name. After she was born I stumbled across an article saying that boys named Harry have a much higher chance of presenting to emergency departments due to boy hijinks! Seems he is being true to his name. So pleased you have a neighbour who is kind to your boys and get cracking with that murraya hedge, we have one outside our lounge room window, makes the neighbours seem miles away. mel xs

  2. No, not asthma. This time it was pneumonia, followed by a bout of gastro (which, needless to say, has inflicted the entire family one-by-one.) What a week! I wish I had read that article before Harry's birth. In fact it was Jack that chose the name Harry after 'Harry Potter.' xx

  3. I love that photo of Harry...but I don't love that he hasn't been well.
    I hope that you all are on the mend soon.