Friday, 23 August 2013

Reno - Week 11

This week has been dedicated to constructing the wall frames which are now 80% complete. The boys' bedrooms, bathroom and laundry are done:

This square opening will eventually house a casement window in the laundry - now if I can just convince my neighbours to trim that hedge, I might just get a glimpse of the river:

Now - SW corner

After - Aaron is still trying to convince me to paint the addition black

Now - Corridor leading towards the kids' bedrooms
After - ignore the black stain, we'll be oiling the blackbutt timber floor
Steve and his team also managed to make a start on some minor changes inside the cottage. There was once a door in the middle of this wall which led into the former kitchen (now an ensuite/WIR):

Door - gonski
And when the trim around the old door was removed, it revealed yet another house secret - the internal colour scheme was also green:

The old kitchen cabinets sat along this wall (this is now the floor of the WIR.) As you can see there are many holes left from the plumbing, so we are now sourcing some old hoop pine flooring to replace the damaged boards:

Next week the roof trusses arrive and the old leaky green tin roof will be removed to make way for a brand new one.


  1. A river view would definitely encourage me to do the laundry! I must say, I quite like the look of the dark exterior. I'll let you know if we have any pine boards left over.

  2. I know it has been in the works for ages but it all seems like it is happening so quickly!

    And that green gives me nightmares.
    Every room in our house had that same colour green paint somewhere...either the walls or the ceilings...shudder.
    It took so many coats to cover it! I will never, ever paint VJs again!

    1. Ha, seems like everyone was painting their homes green once upon a time. Makes me wonder if white will ever go out of style!

  3. Even without the river views, that will be a gorgeous green outlook from your equally lovely square laundry window. I have to say I think the black extension could look very, very good. Would provide a lovely contrast between old and new, and really highlight your windows, doors and brickwork ( and who would have thought that I of all people would say that!) We have some hoop pine left if you need some but our board widths are 140 mm wide and not the standard 150mm. Let me know if you want some before Legoman sells it! mel x

    1. Ahh, you've been converted! I'm still undecided (scared to commit) however. Thanks for your kind offer - our boards are 150mm. xx

  4. Great progress Caroline :) dont forget if you are looking for passive cooling design black will not work... while visually appealing could be a hot box... but it is paint so its a superficial thing to change if it doesnt work for you...