Saturday, 15 June 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013." via Che and Fidel

Oscar:  Just yesterday I commented that despite having four boys, I was fortunate that none had suffered from broken bones. And that very same night you fell off the sofa and broke two bones in your left arm. I'm going to book a permanent room at the hospital.
Charlie:  I'm flat-out keeping up with you on that bike now, and the downhill sections are your favourite part of the ride.
Harry:  I'm glad I kept you back from primary school. Most days I usually find you like this when it's pick-up time from Kindy (pre-school).
Jack:  Despite your often wicked behaviour at home, your teachers having nothing but kind words and praise for you. I'm so proud that you've tried hard this term.


  1. Oh that poor tiny baby Oscar with his little wee cast! hope it was not too traumatic for you both. And goodness what were you thinking uttering statements like that. My RB was a rotten sleeper and I remember learning quick smart to never make statements when he actually slept well as it never ever happened again! And it seems our eldest boys are really peas in a pod. Endless praise from school, endless grey hairs for me at home. Deep breaths and extreme gratitude that he has teachers who like him and does his best for them. mel x

  2. Oh poor baby Oscar. Poor you!

    hope you all are well this weekend. xo

  3. Poor little Oscar! I hope that his arm isn't too sore and that he doesn't have to have to cast for too long! Although it probably gives him some serious tough guy status at home and on the playground!
    I love Charlie's dino tee shirt.
    Harry looks so sweet.
    And Jack looks so grown up!

  4. Oh no! I am dreading the first broken bone, thank goodness it is in winter. That bike looks amazing. Lovely photos.

  5. Great post! And I love all those pics, just gorgeous. Poor little Oscar, get well soon little cherub.

  6. What great pictures of your beautiful boys.
    I have two boys and no broken bones ... yet ... hope Oscar recovers soon.

  7. Oh no, poor Oscar!!! Such a horrible thing for a little wee man :-( Gorgeous photos as always. I love the black and white - I haven't done that yet. Oh and I love Jack's T-shirt - the Sea Shepherd boat spends a fair amount of time docked here in Hobart.....have a great week! Mel x

  8. Your poor little fellow! He looks so cute in his wee cast though. We too escaped broken bones until the last kid, and he has been somewhat accident prone, broken collar bone, giant splinter(s), chicken pox, split head, fingers in the car door etc... It's tough being the Mum of boys!