Saturday, 1 June 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013." via Che and Fidel

Oscar: Sure - the gap between the fridge/freezer doors is the perfect place to store pencils and erasers. Or maybe you're just trying to hide the evidence - I was wondering who was scribbling all over the walls. Perhaps we should put off the reno until after you have all moved out.
Charlie: You too have been up to no good this week. You successfully managed to pull off all the cover plates from the lights switches (which just happen to be made from glass....)
Harry: This week after reading "The Potato People" by Pamela Allen we made our own potato people. We don't have a compost heap, but we did bury them into the brush turkey mound over at the house. The builder is due to turn up in just over a week, so I don't think they will get the chance to grow.
Jack: If I say it's "black" you say it's "white". Why do you go against everything I say of late? You have become so argumentative - perhaps you will make a good lawyer.


  1. Such lovely boys you have.

    Beautiful photos.

    I chuckled at "Perhaps we should put off the reno until after you have all moved out". I often think that about buying a new car.


  2. Everything goes under the fridge at our house.
    And it looks like your Charlie has perfected the innocent look...that is not the face of a boy who would dismantle light switches!

  3. Oh Liongirl and I love that Pamela Allen book too. Sounds like your boys all know that change is in the wind and are all sharing it via cheekiness! My two could give them a good run for their money I reckon! mel x

  4. Your boys have grown so much this year.

  5. lots of handsome little guys here!

  6. Every time I open the freezer a collection of items fall out! I can only imagine how busy your week must be with those boys, I only have two and they keep me on my toes!

  7. Jack is on the cusp of becoming a real argumentative teenager. It only gets worse before it gets better

  8. Oh crap - thanks for the warning! xx

  9. Such handsome boys!!