Thursday, 20 March 2014

Reno - Week 35

OK, so we're here at Week 35. After spending a week in a hotel it soon became obvious that it was not an option that could be sustained for very long, so the push was on to get the house as near to completion as possible so that we could move in. So the fit-out began:

The electrician installed all the light/power switches (of course we chose black cover plates ) and the rest of the lighting. Here is a shot of the bespoke bedhead in the master bedroom that includes integrated lighting - basically a concealed batten fixture. Cheap to install but very effective. It provides a subtle light that washes across the floor on both sides of the bed - some might even say a romantic effect. We don't have any ceiling mounted lighting in the room, but we really don't need it.

And of course this little beauty - a George Nelson Bubble Lamp. In fact we have two:  one in the main entry hall and one in the sitting room.

A large portion of the joinery was installed and ready for the imminent move, including the mirrored cabinets in the bathrooms. We chose to have them framed in brass mid-reno which is not like me at all as I am a silver girl through and through. In the reflection below, you can see an old doorway that has been filled in with VJs. The painted timber dowels that are placed across it are our towel rails.

The plumber installed most of the fittings and tapware (some was still on order). Fortunately the kitchen and scullery taps were ready to go - these ones are made by Perrin and Rowe. We ordered them in a pewter finish which look great with the stainless steel bench tops in the scullery:

Oberon Kitchen Tap with Spray Rinse

And the cushions for the daybed arrived just in time - we have no other seating in the interim. We chose an outdoor fabric from Mokum Textiles (this particular pattern has been a favourite of mine for ages and also happens to be one that OVP specify in a lot of their work.) I was going to select it in Seafoam (rather than black) but when I changed the floor tile specs to bluestone hexagonal tiles, I decided to go with this instead:

So by the end of the week the house was at a point where it was habitable - and so the move-in began!


  1. There is so much to love about your new improved cottage Caroline. Hope you are feeling better too. xx

    1. Thank you A - and there is definitely much to love about your new place too!! xx

  2. I love the last photo.
    Cheers, Col

  3. Hi Col - looks so much better with turf! xx