Thursday, 31 October 2013

Reno - Week 21

This week the two sliding doors that open onto the terrace were installed which finally sees us at lock-up stage. The awnings above the doors which provide protection against sun and rain are now being constructed:

While there is still plenty to do on the exterior, the main focus this week was getting the plasterboard up in readiness for painting:

We are using tearaway bead (i.e. no architraves) to finish around the windows and doors. The painters will be able to make a start on the interior by mid next week.

Although we are still eight weeks from Christmas, the effects of the silly season are already becoming apparent on-site. Those of you on Instagram would have seen the banter going on between client-builder-architect but for those who missed it, here's a little of what's been happening. Someone decided to turn the house into a place of worship:

Then an IG friend pointed out that our chimney has a face:

I hadn't actually noticed it before, and I'm not sure if this was a deliberate action by the bricklayers - but I suspect it wasn't.

And a little secret that I've been keeping has finally come out - we are painting the extension in black which has raised a few eyebrows from the neighbours:

I must say that I too was a little shocked when I first saw it. Only one coat has been applied so far and it's very streaky - it will definitely need 2 to 3 coats of paint to provide a good, even coverage. And for those of you who think that the Queensland heat may damage the boards underneath or believe that dark colours would make a house unbearably hot in Summer, well apparently this is not always the case. We are using a paint product from Resene which uses 'Cool Colour' technology. In a nutshell this paint reflects more heat than standard paint reducing stress and heat-related damage and minimises build-up of unwanted heat inside the building. We will be moving in during the height of Summer, so I'll provide further feedback then. Regardless of the benefits, it certainly does look striking and provides a nice contrast between the cottage and new works.

Blackbutt timber has been ordered to line the floors in the new part of the house and I'm hoping to catch up with the cabinet maker soon so that they can get cracking on the joinery for the kitchen, laundry and sitting room seating and bookshelves. Not long to go now...


  1. That black paint is the bomb! Great choice. xx

    1. Agree - it will be fantastic when all is said and done. Love the man in the chimney :-)

      Cheers, Col

  2. Love the chimney, and very pleased you were brave and went with the black. It will look fantastic, and this is coming from me of all people! mel x

  3. The details in your house are spectacular! I'm glad you went with the black. It's all looking so good!!!

  4. I love the black.
    It all looks so good!

  5. Who cares what the neighbours think!!! (my husband).
    This post is very helpful as we plan to paint the house a very dark grey. We have a very close friend who is a painter and will probably end up painting the house. He is boring and predictable when it comes to paint choices. I've lost track how many times over the years he's warned me off painting the exterior a dark colour. Ha!!! I will have to introduce him to Resene paints. (He's a Dulux man). Thanks Caroline.

  6. I wonder if 'tearaway bead' is the same as a P50 detail. Perhaps we are having the same thing? On another point, I am trying to work out how to use bloglovin like you have, far out, I think it is beyond me!! Kate

  7. Eek eight weeks until Christmas! While I would never choose black (being a colour girl and all that), I think it will suit your mod reno to a T, Caroline. Love the view down the hallway. Happy Birthday to your little fellow, totally know what you mean by the time you get to child number 4. Have a great week.