Sunday, 12 May 2013

What's Happening?

We are now almost halfway through the month of May, and as the last of the leaves fall from our frangipani tree, we are still waiting for construction to commence. So this is where we are at:

Our house design includes a 9m long built-to boundary wall. The Engineer forgot to ensure that the wall had a FRL (Fire Resistance Level) which is a BCA requirement, so that meant a slight delay to revise the drawings before we could lodge the Building Application. We should have BA approval next week.

In the meantime, we have commenced lending approval (which couldn't be done without a copy of the building contract) so this too is now underway. Hopefully both approvals will coincide - fingers crossed.

If this all goes to plan, the builder will be able to start by the end of the month, with a 5 month construction timeframe confirmed. This means that we should be moving into our new home before Christmas, at which point the tree above will be covered in flowers and accompanied by that familiar heady scent.

I'm still yet to confirm some of the inclusions (ie floor tiles, oven and a couple of other things that will need to be decided on-site) but I've still got a bit of time to work these details out.

Once we get underway, this renovation should come together relatively quickly, but I'm sure - just like a pregnancy - that last month will d-r-a-g out.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. A newly renovated home is the perfect Christmas present.x

  2. I hope everything gets approved and it is full speed ahead in June!

  3. Fingers crossed it all happens for you this month, we need to get our side by side renos going so we can support each other through any dramas. ( we have just discovered 5 missing stumps not on the plan that will now cost an extra $2K. Sigh.) mel x

    1. Damn - there goes the money you saved on the asbestos removal. We were advised from the outset to allow 5% of the project cost as a contingency, but it would be nice to come in under budget. Hope there aren't too many more "unknown" costs. xx

  4. Fingers crossed it all comes together Caroline! It would be the ultimate Christmas present to be in.

  5. Hope everything goes smoothly Caroline, in by Christmas would be perfect. Those boys are too gorgeous BTW.

  6. Hoping it all goes to plan for you, the year is just flying isn't it!

  7. Oh no ! Not the fire wall !!! Headache :( ... You should be fine selecting tiles etc a little down the track as the construction will take a little while ... Let me know if you need any info on products etc I have loads of info here (too much) !!! I hope it all runs smoothly :)


  8. To be in your new home before Christmas would be terrific. I hope it all goes to plan. xx

  9. You sound like you're in the same position as me! I'm waiting for a land subdivision approval as well as finalising my house design. I would desperately like to be moving in by Christmas but I think it might be the new year. Will be following along xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)