Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Oven Diaries

I've come to the conclusion that when it comes to purchasing a new oven, they are all much of a muchness. Each of them have their pros and cons and depending on which store you go to, you will get a completely different answer as to which brand is the best. Most people end up choosing an oven based on budget, heat source and preferred aesthetic.

I cook - a lot - and I have a huge tribe to feed so I need an oven that has the ability to multi-task and accommodate large meals. I also want an oven that cooks evenly and is reliable.

My initial plan was to purchase a 900mm wide free-standing stainless steel oven with 5 or 6 gas burners on top. I like to cook with gas - that's just my preference. With that in mind, and of course appearance, I was going to buy a SMEG for our new kitchen. Their new pyrolytic (self-cleaning) oven is due out this month but finding one in a showroom to have a look at is proving difficult.

However just recently I've been looking at the AGA, and up until now this brand has not even crossed my mind. I've always associated them as a wood-fired oven and pictured them residing in a country-style kitchen:

BUT this is definitely not the case. I've now decided that they also look great in contemporary homes too:

The traditional AGA cookers generally sit in "slumber" mode, producing an ambient heat which would be lovely in Winter but not so good in Brisbane's sub-tropical climate particularly in the height of Summer. However they do offer a model known as the Six-Four (a conventional stove) which offers a choice of 6 gas burners, 3 ovens and a separate rapid-response ceramic grill. They come in a huge choice of colours, but I would probably select either the white or the black. They are priced at around $12,000 - a big investment!

What is your dream oven? Has anyone out there owned an AGA that would like to provide any comments on it's performance?


  1. Yes Caroline for our style of homes they are a must and I will be buying one when we upgrade the kitchen down the track ! there is a brand from England that starts with B, cant think of it right now but they are well known for their quality and stunning (you can buy them here in Oz) running off to my night class but will go though my folders of designer stuff and post you !!! I think they are worth the big bucks if you can afford it together with Dublin Sinks :)

  2. I think you may be referring to "Belling". They are both very nice - I never would have thought to steer away from S/S ovens, but enamel is really winning me over at the moment:) xx

    1. YES !!! that's it Caroline I am totally in love with them ... simply gorgeous and elegant, like a classic English automobile :) Please buy one Please !!! so i can stare at the glorious oven and be envious lol lol lol

  3. Wow! Love the AGA...but didn't realise they cost so much. Yikes. xx

  4. I dream of one day having an AGA. They seem very reliable.
    and are stylish and will not date.

  5. My dream stove is the Belling...I just want the 60cm gas/gas option...they are about the only ones who do a gas oven.
    As for an AGA, my sister in law has one in the UK that is very, very, very, very old and still going strong. It is lovely for that climate but I agree it might be a bit much in the Brisbane summer.

  6. Oooh yes that white Aga is quite lovely isn't it, but I for one had no idea how much they were. Good luck choosing, I'm still on the fence. mel x

  7. last time I looked at a Belling about 12k +

  8. An AGA would be lovely, but out of our price range. One thing is they never date, you'd have it forever. My Dad's family had one in their house, the siamese would sleep on it in the back corner for warmth.

  9. Falcoln cookers are another brand you could look at. Or La Canche.

    I have never cooked with an Aga, I don't know anyone who has a new one. They say they are a great oven though!

    They are all really expensive whichever way you go.

    I have been thinking for a while all the pros and cons of a large oven and I am swaying towards two separate ovens now. Only for the fact you can use one for dirty stuff and one for cakes. Also you don't have to heat a large interior space if you are only cooking a few fish fingers at one time.

    You need plenty of space when you have so many hungry boys to cook for though!

    I have been drooling over the big Smeg pyro freestanding one for a while. They are about 10 grand and need to be imported.

    Good luck! It is as stressful as buying a car. x