Thursday, 28 March 2013

Last call for Tenders

The Tender/Contract Negotiations Stage is drawing to a close. Most of the builders have already responded with a further two due to submit their quotes in the next couple of weeks.

Western window detail. Original metal window hood with external shutters provide shading and privacy

You may recall we scaled down the project half-way through the design phase. Now that we've got some pricing back it appears that this move has saved us $123K - which is what I expected and means we are back on budget. In fact there is roughly only $70,000 difference between the cheapest and dearest building quote - so the tendering has been very competitive so far.

"Weathered Board" detail
We should be in a position to select a builder/sign a contract soon after the School Holidays - so hopefully work can commence sometime in May.

Stay safe and I hope you all enjoy a relaxing Easter break!


  1. Caroline, you should contact Rick he is really amazing on price and we've seen his work its very very good... his details on our contacts page...

  2. It is getting very exciting...I am sure you cannot wait to start building!

    Happy Easter!

  3. Hi there.
    It has been over 15 months since we had our plans drawn up and after getting quotes from over nine different building companies we are ALMOST there!!! (fingers crossed). We ended up going with a building broker. He's done all the tendering etc.. Now we just have to find a bank who'll lend us the $$$$....

  4. Good news on the budget and tendering, now I can tell you without jinxing myself that we are off and running at the start of May, hopefully you guys are too! mel x