Friday, 29 March 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013." via Che and Fidel

All: It was the last day of school and they were hot and tired. An icy, cold banana smoothie was their request for afternoon tea. They made it through the first term; they are exhausted, and so am I. We are all looking forward to a two-week break free from homework and deadlines.

We are heading down to Byron Bay to catch up with family and to relax and re-charge. What are your plans for the school holidays?


  1. Gorgeous boys with their smoothies!

    Happy Easter Caroline - hope your build starts smoothly as banana smoothies! xx

  2. They are so gorgeous!

    Have a great break...and Happy Easter!

  3. LOVELY! i love this photo. I have three wild men & I have not been able to get a photo of them together in ever so long. such cuties.

    enjoy your break & Happy Easter Weekend. xo

  4. Hi, found your blog through Che and Fidel - I love this picture - the milk moustaches are priceless. Looking forward to reading more and hope you have a lovely easter holiday x

  5. Great picture! I am impressed you were able to get all four- I can barely manage getting my one sometimes. Enjoy the break. It sounds like you all deserve it!

  6. love the b+w and light and milk mos!

    ah holidays. such a treat to have a break from having to get little people ready and out the door first thing in the morning.

    rachel xo

  7. great pic of all four...have a restful school hols..we have to go back for a few weeks after easter then its hols

  8. So so so very cute and such a sweet blog xx