Saturday, 23 February 2013

Project Update

After a few more minor amendments, the construction drawings are now complete. We have gone out to tender and hope to get the building quotes back in around five week's time.

Proposed rear addition. The house is raised slightly off the ground to achieve flood immunity (just in case!) We are only 1 street back from the river.
Considering the small size of the house, this process has taken a while. However it's the modest size of the project that has made the importance of the overall design even more critical - each room has been carefully and thoughtfully planned. In fact each space, both inside and out, has some form of bespoke element included in the design - some purely decorative but mostly from a functional perspective.

I recently discovered that the house was actually built in 1928. No wonder it's looking a bit tired! 
Proposed Front Elevation. All the original character elements are to remain in-tact, however we are giving her a brand new colour scheme. Yes, the green is going, going, gone.


  1. Oh how exciting, things are really moving along.

  2. I can't wait to follow along and see your vision come to life. Jen x

  3. So very exciting!
    I hope that everything goes as plans and that construction starts soon!

  4. Good news Caroline, fingers crossed for you. We are trying to find somewhere to live and remembering the joys of being treated like rental scum! mel x