Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cyclists - Go Slow on Riverside Drive

Riverside Drive in West End was inundated during the recent floods and once the waters subsided, the road was left with a cover of thick, brown sludge. It was left like that for almost three weeks, despite the fact that it is a very popular road for cyclists and joggers alike. I'm guessing the alleged water shortage prevented the road from being cleaned up sooner.

Riverside Drive during the January Floods

The other day Council workers arrived to conduct a "clean up" of the road, leaving much of the silt and dirt behind - and then it rained, turning the road into an extremely hazardous and slippery thoroughfare, just in time for the peak-hour cycling traffic.

This is the road after the clean-up!

And one by one, they dropped like flies slid and skidded across the road. Horror screams, grazed elbows and knees, twisted bicycles - it was awful to witness. Perhaps someone complained because at 10.30pm that night, just in time for bed, a street sweeper arrived. It was driven up and down that road for approximately five hours, and despite the noise and carry-on for most of the night, I expected the road to be squeaky clean the following morning.

But this is what we woke up to:

A cyclist with suspected spinal injuries
More carnage - and it continued throughout the weekend. Is this another flood-related Council stuff up?


  1. Yikes!
    That is awful!
    Daddy R cycles to work and I would be so upset to know that the council had knowingly put him in harms way by neglecting the bike paths!
    I often think that council has a lot of answer for...especially regarding bikes...the money spent of those ridiculous City Bike things for example could have been much better spent on improving bike paths all over the city!
    I hope that council cleans up their act soon!

  2. How terrible! Hope the cyclist is ok now.