Monday, 2 December 2013

Reno - Week 25

Week 25 and we are finally on the home stretch. Can you believe it's been almost six months since construction commenced? Only a few more weeks to go - unfortunately XMAS is going to put a halt on proceedings, but we are still looking at an end of January completion timeframe.

There aren't a lot of pretty photos to show you this week - the work has mainly consisted of finishing off outstanding jobs from the week before.

The majority of the brickwork has now been completed:

The semi-circle wall will also double as a casual spot to sit, underneath the shade of the frangipani of course.

The only outstanding brick elements left to finish are the paths, stairs and terrace floor.

The joinery is still being fitted with the majority of the kitchen and laundry now complete (still awaiting benchtops however.) All the joinery in the house has been specified with a 10mm packer which is recessed to sit flush with the face of the carcasses to create a shadow line between the walls and cabinetry. So when I first saw this 4-drawer unit in the kitchen I was a little concerned about the size of the packer, but it soon become very apparent why it was fitted:

Without this packer, the drawers would have hit the side of the door frame (i.e. the drawers could not be fully opened). Yep - the cabinetmaker was definitely on the ball when he was measuring up.

Because we don't have a 'normal' bathroom we had to come up with clever solution of where to hang the kids' towels, as there is clearly not enough room to hang four towels in the shower room. So we Aaron came up with the idea of utilising the space in the hallway between to the two bedrooms to hang the bath towels. A set of bespoke towel rails (yet to be painted) have now been fitted - I'm just hoping that the kids' aren't tempted to use them as a climbing frame.

I've had my eyes on these black and white Missoni bath towels for some time now, and as fate would have it,  I stumbled across them over the course of the weekend, so I promptly put them into a bag and brought them home with me. I trust that the colour/pattern will hide any grubby marks that the boys seem to leave over everything.

Still playing around with swatches of fabric too - I think I've settled on the B&W print below for the banquette seat cushion in the sitting room. The pattern closely mimics the design on the decorative glass that is going into the drying rack in the kitchen next door. It's actually an outdoor fabric from Mokum so it's also a contender for some round ottomans I plan on getting which I can use as extra seating outside around the fire.

Anyone noticing a distinct B&W theme happening here?


  1. Funny how small details like a packer can make or break the functionality of a cabinet. We had to have one on a set of new overhead cupboards we had installed so that the left door would open properly. There is no gap visible on the bottom, but there is on the top of the cabinet (which you can't see). pretty funny one day when we knocked something down there and then had to get it out somehow... lol

    The renovation looks great.

    Cheers, Col

  2. Your reno looks more advanced than ours!! Well done, it is looking great.Those towel rails are fabulous. We are so on the same page. I bought that same missoni towel in a hand towel for our powder room - to go with the black Astra Walker tap ware and black push plate!! I also just had my chrome towel rail that fits under my rogerseller basin, powdercoated white, so I have been thinking about that towel hanging on that white rail in the powder room earlier today! So, evidently, I love your black and white theme that is emerging. Our kitchen is very black and white - you will start to see photos next week I imagine, the carcasses arrive on site tonight. Funny we both had a lack of good photos to show this week, I am hoping for more next week! Chaos has hit this end, 3 weeks today we move. Your brickwork is superb, you have many lovely design aspects to your home which really make it stand out. I also tried for a skylight above our ensuite shower, but couldn't make it fit with the second storey - a definite for the next single storey reno! Good luck again this week, not long to go for either of us.

  3. Looking fab! I love watching the progress!

  4. Some nice selections there, Caroline!

  5. I love it that you've incorporated all your outdoor brickwork etc into the design now, much nicer to come home to, instead of mud. Love the towels, nicer than our blue, blue and blue ones :-).

  6. That curved brick wall is absolutely the BEST! Sorry I haven't been commenting lately but has been crazy world over here with organising and surviving the mermaid birthday party. Amazing though our curved OWS finally arrived and they look a million times awesome, pics to come as soon as the kitchen no longer resembles a bomb site! mel x