Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pre-Construction Clean Up

I'm back home after a short holiday spent in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland, but prior to leaving I arranged to get the gardens at the West End Cottage cleaned up as the tenants had left it a little overgrown (huge understatement.)

The kids were very eager to help out:

You'd be forgiven to assume this was an abandoned rural lot, not our inner city backyard. This is how our tenants maintained the gardens:

However the scary part is we actually paid someone to manage the property for us. I'm still wondering what it was that they did other than take a percentage of the rent?

So now that the yard is mowed and pruned thirteen cubic metres of green waste later, the kids have a place to romp around before construction commences. We hope to have a signed contract along with a confirmed commencement date with the builder in the next week or so. 

And during my holiday, I changed my mind and have decided upon some different floor tiles for the bathrooms. (Note to self - change these on the schedule.) I'll let you know about them later.

Our glorious hinterland view! We made the most of the pockets of sunshine despite the daily downpours. 


  1. Gosh how did they manage to even get to the clothes line.
    Lucky you have all those little helpers to assist with the gardening.

  2. I do love Byron, such a great place to holiday, oh my goodness your yard, I'd be asking the question too.

  3. Yikes! I hope they don't get their bond back...

  4. Boys and garden detritus, oh they must have been like pigs in mud. Mine are besides themselves about the thought of ripping down the back deck in a few weeks time. Sounds like we might have synchronized renos if you get onto that contract pronto. Our build is supposed to be 4 months, would guess yours would be similar? mel x

    1. Oh I wish! We are hoping for 6 months, but it could stretch out to 9. xx

  5. The tenants trashed our place here while we were in Sydney - all the while being managed by an agent. They didn't get their bond back but it wasn't enough to fix the mess. Total nightmare. Your view is AMAZING! Mel x

  6. OMG snakes ??? lucky its getting into winter and they should be hibernating !!! great size back yard tho woo hoo, cant wait till construction starts and we can see all the posts :)