Thursday, 19 April 2012

Concept plans

I met with the architects yesterday to review the initial concept plans.  Wow... was I impressed.  There are two possible schemes which are working really well.  With a bit of tweaking here and there, we should have something ready very soon.

Side Elevation
The fundamental concept is to keep the original house as public spaces (ie it will house the kitchen, dining, and living rooms) and the addition to the rear will incorporate the bedrooms and amenities.  The kitchen will have views and access points to the back (good for keeping an eye on the kids while they're playing in the yard) and the front, offering a nice connection with the street.

I envisage the house painted in Owen and Vokes' signature colour scheme:  white with black accents.  Mmmm.... loving it already.  I think I might ring Dulux and get them to change the name of their paint from "Whisper White" to "O+V".

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