Saturday, 11 May 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013." via Che and Fidel

Oscar:  You've been wearing your amber teething necklace since you were only a couple of months old. I can't say for sure that it works, but you have been the most calm and placid baby.
Charlie:  You are only three, but you are already having a say in what you want to wear each day (God help me!)
Harry:  A bubble bath - one of your favourite ways to relax (mine too).
Jack:  You are the most content when you're outdoors.


  1. As always, they are all so gorgeous.
    I love Charlie's photo this week.
    And those bubbles!
    What kind of bubble bath do you use? Our baths are never as bubbly as I would like them to be!

  2. Our current fave is a mixture of Strawberry Shower Gel and a Milk Bath powder (both from The Body Shop) to create a "strawberries and cream" bubble bath. Delicious! xx

  3. Oh that Charlie is delish in this pic ( and his taste is pretty good really). My girl has chosen her clothes since around 18 months and as you have probably seen her taste is extremely questionable. mel x

  4. what handsome boys you have! that Charlie has a great sense of style already

  5. Such gorgeous portraits, I love your three year old's fingers on the chair. A great capture.

  6. Great photos, love the one of Charlie in particular.

  7. Lovely photos, thanks for linking in with Jodi so I could stumble upon your blog!
    Bella @

  8. Harry and Jack's images kind of echo each other, don't they? I like that!
    My daughter wore a teething necklace too, but I"m not sure that it did much to ease her teething pain. But it DID do a lot in the cute department!!

  9. they are all just beautiful, but that second portrait is simply to die for! what gorgeous children, i love the way you captured each of them so differently!

  10. WOW Charlie looks like he is 3 going on 30. Such strength in his eyes

  11. Four amazing boys! You are so lucky. Love the intensity to Charlie's gaze.